Scooptram ST18 |

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The Scooptram ST18 is loaded with features to increase safety. For example: automatic brake test, protection guards, 3 point access system, redundant steering system, safety latches, boom lock up, fire suppression systems and machine protection system.

The ST18 can be equipped to run semi-autonomously or by radio remote control.

All of this contributes to a safe operation and helps to protect your investment.


The operator sits in a spacious FOPS/ROPS-approved cab with air conditioning and has extra leg room thanks to the clever Atlas Copco footbox. The layout of the controls is ergonomically optimized and visibility is best in class even towards the rear, thanks to the sloping design and shorter power frame structure.

All of this contributes to an outstanding operator experience and improved productivity.


The ST18 is engineered with automatic ride control and automatic declutch to increase the lifespan of the equipment and to reduce spillage from the bucket. Automatic traction control reduces tire wear and fuel consumption and the addition of soft stops on the boom, bucket and steering reduces wear and tear on the machine.

All of this maximizes up-time and reduces the cost per tonne.

Peace of mind

Atlas Copco Scooptram ST18 is more than a machine. The new underground loader comes with a number of Atlas Copco Service products that add value to your operation. And, not least, peace of mind. Here's only some of them:

  • RigScan is an advanced audit service product that offers you a real-time, non-intrusive look at your equipment's running condition and performance
  • Our training program consists of classroom-, simulator- and on-site training, and turns your employees into highly skilled operators regardless of their present level of knowledge
  • The ST18 has many similar components with the MT6020, which will reduce your inventory, increase parts availability and lower the unit production costs

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